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A Day Trip
We went to help at the Gleaners
Special Occasions!
God's Awesome Ladies Sisterhood
Christmas 2015
Christmas Prep, Events, Etc.
New Horizons
Special Features followed by Lunch
Church Family Random Pictures
80th Anniversary Celebration Weekend
October 13/14, 2014
Beach Volleyball
by S Frudd
Young Adults Tuesday Night Summer Activity!
Special Guests
Kids Church
Things we do at Kids Church
Kids Club
Great times!
Christmas 2013
Corn Maze
One Sunday Afternoon
some of our teams
Christmas 2012
'Whiter Than Snow' and Christmas Pictures
Our Annual Christmas Event - Dec. 9/11
Fall Fun Fair
Our annual Homecoming and Fall Kickoff
Men's Shop Nite
TOPS Group
Church Leaders
Church Leadership Board
At the Fall Fun Fair 2011
Pictures, Mirrors & Windows
Grad Banquet June 17, 2011
'Seeds of Kindness'
An evening just for ladies!
Youth Stuff
FMCC Trailblazers
This group loves to hike!
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