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  • Jun5Tue

    Char on Kids' Church : )

    June 5, 2012

    Kids’ Church has been an exciting adventure so far this year!

    We covered the ‘Marketplace’ – learning how a little we give can make a big difference in someone else’s life. Learning to give is so important. We have so much that we can share – whether our abilities, time or money.

    We also did a ‘Whiter Than Snow’ Responder unit – learning First Aid and Soul Aid – both so very necessary. We were totally amazed at how one ‘challenged’ student learned and could demonstrate all the steps in CPR! We had great fun fabric painting a t-shirt as our Responders uniform and learning how to assess dangerous situations – to dealing with snakebites and CPR. The most important thing we learned was how to share the Good News of Jesus Christ to those around us. First Aid might save a person’s life; that person could possibly live to be 100 years old. To tell a person about Jesus Christ and that person have a personal relationship with Christ would lead to living eternally!

    We are now doing ‘Home on God’s Range’, a farming unit. As always, we get to learn something practical such as planting, making butter, ice-cream, learning about cows, sheep and plants at the same time as learning God’s life lessons!

    Wayne and I pray that as the kids learn a practical idea, the God principle will become associated with it. We want the kids to know most of all that God really cares about each detail of their lives, that we care about them and that church is a fun and safe place to be.


    On Tuesday, June 5, 2012, Debbie (secretary) said:

    Char and Wayne do such an awesome job of Kids' Church each and every Sunday - thanks so much, you two! I have lots of pictures from Kids' Church but am waiting for 'photography consent' forms to be returned from kids' parents before posting.

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