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This is a blog with submissions from some of our leaders.
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  • May29Tue

    Introducing 'Our Blog'

    May 29, 2012
    Beginning next week, our FMCC website will feature an interactive blog. 'Our Blog', not so original in name, but appropriate nonetheless, will be a variety of submissions from some of our leaders on a variety of topics, from musings on ministry to thought-provoking devos, maybe even vision for the future. We look forward to what they may come up with! Some need a lot of encouragement (and some, reminders - yes, we all lead busy lives!) to come to the fore and actually be willing to put their thoughts 'out there'. But I'm thanking them in advance for their worthy contributions!


    On Monday, May 13, 2013, Katrina Grigg said:

    Huge ministry opportunity! Coopers in Brock has an in-house Seniors Shopping Program. We use volunteers from the Senior Activity Center in Brock to shop, but there are some issues with deliveries. Contact Brenda at the senior center, or Kim at Coopers to help out!


    On Monday, May 13, 2013, Katrina Grigg said:

    Just noticed a group of young folks (maybe from Brock Middle School) hanging out on the church lawn. They don't seem up to any trouble, other than smoking, but this may open up a new field of service for the church. I suppose there are many WORSE places to hang out after school, right?


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