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  • Is there a permanent cure for procrastination?

    Yes there is!  Things you planned to do but didn’t because you felt overwhelmed or just couldn’t bring yourself to try to complete – think about all those missed opportunities!

    Imagine if you could get the things done that you want to get done?  What would your life look like then?

    Procrastination creates stress in your life.  It makes you chase after low value issues and efforts.

    Do you feel that you should have grown out of the “procrastination” rat-race by now?  Do you feel like you have a lack of will power?  Does procrastination make you feel like something is wrong with you?

    So what is procrastination?  What causes it?  Know the cause to learn the cure!

    Procrastination is created when we marry the idea of “I have to” do something with the issue of “I don’t know where to start.”  Take a task you feel you must do that you don’t know how to start and make it something that you think you should know how to do!  That creates instant procrastination.

    So attempting to apply more willpower will do nothing for you because the problem with procrastination is not about willpower – it is about knowing where to start.

    What is the actual entry point?  What is the very first step?  You may have a general idea of what you want and where to go but what do you need to start with specifically?

    The permanent cure for procrastination and where it starts is writing down all the things you know you should be doing and are putting them off and notice how large and non-specific they are.

    Ask yourself this, “What is the smallest first action I need to take in the direction that will start me toward my task?”  What is your entry point?

    All you have to do is commit to doing that very first step.  If you find yourself procrastinating that first step then you need to break it down to even smaller first steps.  Make it more clear!  More specific!  More easy to do!  It has to be an action you know you can do. 

    Its lack of clarity, not lack of willpower, that makes us procrastinate - STOP beating yourself up over being a “bad procrastinating person!”  Not knowing where to start is actually a much easier problem to solve.

    It’s not the amount of things you need to do that makes you feel overwhelmed.  You actually do more things than you know in the course of a day.  We feel overwhelmed when we have something we have to do and at the same time thinking that we can’t do it.  You must do this and you feel like you can’t.  That is the real cause.  Not that you have too much to do or that something is wrong with you.

    I can’t and I don’t know where to start – those are the real causes of procrastination.  “Can’t” is one of the most powerful and special words with a secret message hidden within it.  The secret message is “Can” with the right sequence.  Baking is all about creating things in the right sequence.  When we find the first steps we overcome procrastination.  When we start with “can” and put it in the right sequence (knowing where to start) then you can get to work.

    The cure to procrastination is knowing where to start and following through to the next few steps instead of worrying and focusing on all the steps in front of you.  You are responsible to figure out step number one that you will do and go from there.  You may even feel like you can’t wait to get started!

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