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  • Apr4Thu

    'KINGDOM ROCK' by Wayne & Charlotte

    April 4, 2013

    We are so excited about our new Sunday School unit…Kingdom Rock! Castles and Kings and Wanna-be Knights all feature in this adventure! We’ll have snacks in the King’s Kitchen, Games in the Royal Courtyard, and science experiments in the Imagination Lab. Catchy songs with a lively beat are sure to bring to mind Castles in ‘Ye Olde Country ‘. All these awesome activities help our kids ‘Stand Strong for God’. ….Hope to see you at KINGDOM ROCK !

    Ages 4-grade 6

    10 :30 am- 11 :45am Sundays April - June


    On Thursday, April 4, 2013, a grandma said:

    Looks amazing in the Sunday School department! Thanks for all your effort and commitment to our kids, Char and Wayne.


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