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  • Dear Parents,

    Our Sunday School program, ‘Kingdom Rock’, which runs currently until the end of June, will help teach your child(ren) to stand strong for God. This means standing up for what is right, being kind to others who don’t quite fit in, and making good personal choices.

    We have chosen the Dalit Peoples of India as our outreach program. These people, classed for centuries as ‘the untouchables’, are the bullied, enslaved people of India. The government has tried to make changes by reserving a certain percentage of post-secondary educational positions, jobs, etc. for the Dalits. Unfortunately, without an education in English, reaching these goals are impossible. The Dalit leaders have asked for help in educating their children in English.

    The ‘Good Shepherd’ schools are one group accomplishing this goal. These schools are NOT for the Dalit only but for all children. However, they do go contrary to centuries of tradition and culture by treating all the caste children; from the highest caste Brahmins, to the non-caste Dalits; exactly the same. As the name ‘The Good Shepherd’ implies, the schools teach as Jesus would do, that all people are equal and all deeply loved by God.

    We will be raising money to help buy desks ($30 per desk), so that more children may go to school. Your child has brought home a clay cup that would traditionally be used to drink tea in India. If the Dalit people used it, it would have to be broken to avoid contaminating others. It is a great container to use to collect money in for the desks. Wayne and I would like to suggest that your child ‘work’ to earn the money (papers, chores, collecting bottles, etc.) in order to realize what the life of a Dalit child might be like with no education. Obviously, any money will help however you decide to participate.

    Thank you so much in advance. We really hope this will also help our children stand strong as there are also bullies in the places they live here in Kamloops.


    Wayne and Charlotte Spence

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