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  • Apr15Mon

    Pastor Jeff on Student Cafe

    April 15, 2013

    Our church’s youth group is 156 youth strong!  Well, not quite.  That was the number of students who attended last week’s Student Café at the Kamloops Free Methodist Centennial Chapel (FMCC).  The weekly half-hour breakfast serves a continental breakfast to students of Brocklehurst Middle School every Wednesday from 8 to 8:20 AM.

    The program began in 2006 under the leadership of Jason Johnson who is currently serving in Calgary at West Springs Free Methodist Church.  A local bakery (Craig’s Bakery in the Brock Shop) helps by donating food items weekly and the rest is supplied by church members. We have an average of 120 students using the program every week.  We have never had less than 100 youth this year and have had up to 175!

    It has been a great opportunity for Jeff Torrans, the current assistant pastor at FMCC, to connect with students and with faculty.  The student café program has created a significant working relationship between the church and the school.  The church also hosts a teacher appreciation luncheon at the end of the year.  Last year about 50 teachers came for hamburgers and refreshments and the church was able to thank them for their efforts throughout the school year.

    One school vice-principal expressed his appreciation for the church’s efforts with this quote sent to the teachers, “I was blown away with the amount of students who access the morning breakfast program that the church provides each Wednesday. It is very heartwarming to hear how much community groups such as the church support our students.”  Couldn’t have said it better myself!


    On Monday, April 15, 2013, a parent said:

    Thanks to the many donators and helpers ... and Craig's Bakery!



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