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  • Jun8Wed

    'Remember God' by Gerritt DePew

    June 8, 2016

    The character of God isn’t some supreme mystery. He was here, He showed us who He is and what He’s about.

    Remember the baby born in an underground barn. Remember the child who fled to Egypt with His family to avoid execution. Remember the youngster lost for four days because His Dad had need of Him.

    This is the person who tells us to love and forgive. He tells us this because that is what He does. He commanded the weather, fed thousands with a small snack, cured the sick and injured, healed thousands both physically and spiritually, drove out demons and even raised the dead.

    The Eternal Lord of the universe had no place to rest His head. He was always chased, be it people wanting His powers, angry and fearful residents not wanting to upset the balance of power, or people in positions of power trying ceaselessly to discredit Him.

    Remember His torment. Hand-picking loyal disciples who swore loyalty and He knew would deny Him, betray Him, and scatter abroad. Remember Gethsemane, where He was in such agony He sweat blood while asking more than once for that cup to pass from Him. Remember how He healed one of the guards that came to arrest Him.

    Remember His ‘trial’, humiliation, scourging and His walk to Golgotha. Not only did He suffer the physical pain of crucifixion, but God blacked Him out so He could also suffer God’s wrath. The wrath of God for all sinners, past, present and future centered on one being at one point.

    This is what some forget. Many were scourged and crucified, but only one suffered the full and complete wrath of God. Why? Because He knew it was the only way to save everyone. No matter the offense, it is paid for.

    Remember that God Himself came here to prove and to say, once and for all, “It is finished.”


    On Wednesday, June 8, 2016, Debbie Halcrow said:

    Thank you very much, Gerritt, this is a very thought-provoking article. I think I will post it again next year at Easter time. Please keep writing!


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