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This is a blog with submissions from some of our leaders.
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  • Well another year of KIDS CLUB has come to an end. We did some great projects: the "Piece of Cake" pincushion, the kleenex pouch, baking cookies and, of course, the Treasure Chests. All 21 kids (with the help of their parents) made for themselves a gorgeous Treasure Chest that we hope they will keep their "treasured" items in, forever. A big thank you to all the wonderful parents who so faithfully supported this project.
    Spring Fling was April 10th and it was awesome! We had way more guests than we expected (approximately 125) which was great - until we ran out of food. And for that, we sincerely apologize to those who were affected by the shortage. Although it had been stormy earlier in the day, it cleared for us so we could play outside after eating. Water balloon volleyball is a favorite for us. Year after year we play it and it never grows old!
    We hope everyone has a fun and safe spring & summer. KIDS CLUB will be back in September with a new theme. Be sure to check our blog at the end of August/beginning of September to find out what ideas we've dreamed up.

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