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This is a blog with submissions from some of our leaders.
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  • May8Wed

    'Tributes to Our Mothers'

    May 8, 2013
    From Amanda: 'My mom is who I look up to, I can only hope to grow up and be as strong and loving as her.'

    From Jeremy: 'I appreciate my grandma because she always loves me no matter what and has always been there to talk to.'

    From Salvina: 'I appreciate my mom for always putting us kids first in her life and always doing her best to make us strong and independent. My mom is the strongest woman I know. She has gone through so much pain in her life, yet she remains loving, caring, giving to all she comes across.'

    From Amanda: 'My Grandma: I am so thankful that she and Grandpa took so much time to build lasting friendships with us, and make so many fun memories! I always know that she will love us unconditionally, and that she faithfully prays for us.'

    From Amanda: 'My Mom: I love the honesty and real life woman she is, how we can talk heart to heart and she understands and doesn't judge. She always has the right words, and I admire how she has the strength to pull through anything, because she puts her trust fully in our God! I strive to be the mother she is to us, and am thankful every single day that I have her in my life.'

    From Joanne: 'I was blessed to have a mother who put God first and then her husband and family. She would share anything she had and welcomed unexpected guests for meals, even in the days when times were hard. My memories include rushing in to a room as a child and finding Mom on her knees in prayer. She faced life with courage, hard work, strength and dignity. I miss her every day.'

    From Marianne: 'What I appreciated about my mom was her unconditional love in spite of my many foolish decisions.'

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