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    Bulletin - January 23, 2022

    January 21, 2022

    Welcome to Worship


    Free Methodist Centennial Chapel

    Sunday, January 23, 2022

    Announcements for this weekend:


    Welcome, everyone!  May you sense the presence of God in our midst today. Feel free to stand or sit during the singing. 

    Our worship today is in-person and on Zoom!

    We have Sunday school for children up to grade 6.

    COVID 19 – Restrictions are once again in place for worship. Masks are now mandatory for the duration of the worship service. Please social distance and use hand sanitizer. Please also sanitize your hands before helping yourself to a drink in the coffee time after worship. Thanks!


    Today’s Scripture: John 3:1-21

    Sermon Title: How is Jesus Like a Snake?

    Speaker: Pastor Shelley


    Pre-Worship Prayer – in the Prayer Room.

    Small Groups If you want to be in a small group please call Linda. Most groups are open to new people coming.

    • Tuesday, Wallis Care Group, 6:30 p.m. Group is full.
    • Wednesday 1:00 Linda's Care Group meeting on Zoom (studying the stories of Jacob and Joseph in Genesis)
    • Thursday: 1:00 Baker's Care Group meeting at McLeods
    • Thursday: 7:00 Karen's Care Group meeting at the Church. Studying the book Jesus Centered.
    • Thursday, Killough’s Care Group, 7:30. Studying 1 Peter, meeting on Zoom.

    Directory Update - A draft of the new directory will be available in the Fellowship Hall over two Sundays. Please review your entry and update any information and initial your entry. Your initials give us permission to include you in the directory.

    Alpha - An Alpha group is being considered. Please speak to Shelley if you have people to invite.

    Office - David Sharpe concludes his service with us as Administrative Assistant on Jan 26. Please pray that God will lead us to His choice for this important role.

    Pray for those who are grieving

    • Joanne Thompson passed into the Lord’s presence on Monday, January 3. Please pray for Matt and for the Thompson, Spence and Halcrow families and extended family.
    • Pray for Edith and family. Edith’s son Andrew passed away in November.

    Pray for our refugee family in Turkey.

    Church office hours: 

    W: 2-6 PM  Th: 1- 5PM  F: 2-6 PM 


    Sanitizers/Wipes are available throughout this building.


     Lead Pastor: Dr. Shelley Utz

    Administrative Assistant: David Sharpe


    975 Windbreak St., Kamloops, BC V2B 5P5 / www.kamfm.ca / office@kamfm.ca

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