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  • Jan24Thu

    2013 So Far...

    January 24, 2013
    The first blog of the 2013, better late than never! Although 'news' hasn't been posted, there has been a lot of activity around here. In point form...

    • Our New Horizons group was pleased to have Marguerite Trusler share beautiful music along with her story last Monday. She sang a variety of pieces, from classical to selections like 'The Sound of Music' and 'Climb Every Mountain'. This special feature was followed by a tasty lunch.
    • 16 bags and several gift cards were gathered in support of the Missions Fest special project, 'Kits for Kids'. Thank you to each donator! From browsing the website, Mission Fest Vancouver 2013 looks very exciting. Breakforth Canada is also on the same weekend over in Edmonton, another awesome and exciting gathering of thousands of believers.
    • Pastor Jeff and Edi are hosting a skating and tobogganing party Saturday. 11-12:30, skating and tobogganing, 12:30-3, hotdogs and cocoa. Meet at 975 Todd Road for a fun day! RSVP - 250 819 6814.
    • Sunday afternoon, January 13, was the day many of our leaders gathered at the church for a seminar, 'Becoming a Person of Influence' by John Maxwell, hosted by Pastor Jeff. This seminar has been presented at various churches in Kamloops by Pastor Jeff and he is willing to take bookings for other presentations.
    • Going back even further, our annual Christmas Event went well and from others' response, it was one of the best yet! People enjoyed activities throughout the building, a variety of sweet crafts, decorating cookies, games, Black Light Hand Mime Mini Theatre, delicious turkey dinner with all the trimmings, the hayride and more. At the main concert in the auditorium to finish off the evening, we enjoyed a Carol Sing and a skit leading into the interactive telling of the Christmas Story involving all children in costume. Thanks again to the many workers in the many different areas. A job well done, a gift to the community from FMCC.

    Finally, it was with sadness in our hearts that our church family had to say goodbye to a sweet lady, Barb N., who passed away suddenly January 10th. It was wonderful to hear the many stories and warm tributes by the family including grandchildren who loved and respected their grandma and to be all together to celebrate her life. We miss Barb here on earth, but we will see her again at the Wedding Feast of the Lamb!

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