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  • May10Tue

    A Few Groups Stopping Til Fall

    May 10, 2016
    It is so nice to be outside these days, working in the yard or going for a walk. God's creation is amazing!

    A few groups are ending until next September:
       Bible Study at Hugh & Dorothy's ended last Tuesday, May 3
       Sisters 'n Stitching - last gathering is today, May 10th
       Bible Study at Barry & Edith's - last study is tomorrow evening, May 11

    If your group is coming to a close for now, please let the Church Office know. Thanks!

    Hope all the mothers had a wonderful Mother's Day - you are so special and loved and appreciated! The men's ensemble sang 'Come People of the Risen King' at church on Sunday and it was a beautiful gift to mothers and everyone else. This is a hymn we will be singing as a congregation from now on. Thanks, guys!

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