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    August 10, 2012
    Having just returned from a 'honeymoon' trip across Canada, I am happy, back in the office and ready to go, lol! After getting a snapshot of each province, and really, the highway is just a tiny ribbon through the map of our country, I am feeling so blessed to live in such a great nation. The most eastern point was PEI where we stayed in a lighthouse at West Point, saw the moonlight reflecting on the ocean and heard the surf, all from the window in our 'tower room'. Awesome to see God's creation everywhere. Awesome to have a very special husband, definitely a gift from the Lord!

    Already, we are gearing up for fall activities ... our Church Leadership Board Retreat is tonight and our Fall Ministry Launch is scheduled for Wednesday, August 22nd. One basic and very important focus for the upcoming year is PRAYER - or so I've heard. Is it true that the health of a church is gauged by the prayer meetings? Why bother attempting anything - events / programs - that are not under the covering of prayer?

    Pastor Vern will be away from Sunday afternoon, back in the office September 6th. He and Jackie will be out in SK helping with the harvest.

    Pastor Jeff will be away from Sunday afternoon, back in the office August 18th. He and Edi and the boys will be at Sunnybrae Camp where he'll be the main speaker all week for the kids. We look forward to having Pastor Jeff speak August 19th. 

    I look forward to Sunday, worshipping with my church family once again and celebrating the LORD's Supper. You are welcome to join us!


    On Friday, August 17, 2012, RRC said:

    Welcome back, both of you!



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