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  • Feb9Fri

    Friday Afternoon Blog

    February 9, 2018
    Hello again! Hope to see you tonight at Family Fun Night - I see lots of yummy food in the kitchen cooler and tables all set up for the puzzle, games, etc. Haven't checked upstairs yet but I'm sure it's all ready for the party too : ) Come on over to the church around 6 PM.

    I wanted to mention CNOY again, that's Coldest Night of the Year, fundraising walk for our local New Life Community Kamloops. We have 12 walkers on our team, FM Team Hope, and at last check a few minutes ago, our team places 5th of the 27 Kamloops teams. Yay, Team Hope!! Keep fundraising and collecting those pledges. Most of our walkers aren't online yet so if you need help, I'll be glad to assist. Thanks so much, church family, for your donations to the team, and more importantly, to the less fortunate who will benefit from our efforts.

    Pastor Vern and Jackie are back from Hawaii for days and will leave again at the beginning of the coming week. Highlights for this Sunday - Communion will be served, always a very special time, and there will be a piano / organ! duet! Yours truly leaves the keyboard to dust off the organ once or twice a year, much to the delight of our older folks, and this Sunday is one of those times. Jeremy and I will play 'Beautiful' during offering.

    Have a great day and enjoy BC Family Day on Monday if we don't see you before then. As well, enjoy the Olympics and cheer for Canada!!

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