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  • Nov7Fri

    'Gold Shoebox'

    November 7, 2014
    From Samaritan's Purse International Relief organization: 'This fall, we have the privilege of releasing a new impact story on video, Love Gives - Damaris' Story. This is the moving testimony of Damaris Vezentan, who, as a young girl in post-communist Romania, received a gold shoebox that changed her life as she encountered the love of her Heavenly Father. Her story is a powerful account of God's love and faithfulness, and is extra special to us because God eventually brought Damaris to Canada where she now packs shoeboxes.

    We want to do something special to celebrate Damaris' story, which is why we have included a special item this year - a Gold Shoebox.

    God has brought Damaris full circle, from being blessed through a shoebox to now packing shoeboxes and blessing many children. We want to show Damaris how God is multiplying the impact of the shoebox she received. We'd like you and your team to pack this special shoebox as a celebration of her story and of the value of every shoebox as a Gospel Opportunity, worth much more than gold.

    At the processing centres, we will gather all the gold shoeboxes from across the country and take a photo of them. We will give this photo to Damaris to show her how God has brought her story full circle - turning her one shoebox into hundreds and beyond. We will share this photo with you and your team. Happy packing!'

    So it's exciting that our Church received this district's Gold Shoebox! Charlotte will share the video story with the kids on Sunday. Sunday, November 16th is our Collection Date, so we have one more week to pack our Christmas shoeboxes. There's already a mountain of shoeboxes that have come in - thank you so much, Church! As mentioned in a previous blog, we have collected 4,324 since 1984.

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