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  • Mar21Mon

    Happy Voices This Morning : )

    March 21, 2016
    This morning I smile to hear the sounds of happy voices, people greeting one another as they gather for New Horizons. Each month, with the exception of the summer months, seniors from our church and elsewhere meet on the 4th Monday of each month - this is another 'exception' - as next Monday is Easter Monday, they are gathering today. (And in May, the group will meet on the 5th Monday, the 4th Monday being Victoria Day.)

    The special feature today will be a talk and power point presentation by Ron and Patricia McColl. They will highlight their camping trip to the Yukon and Alaska. Lunch will follow.

    Thanks so much to Marianne who organizes each gathering. To Rod and Dawn as well as they lead in a traditional hymn sing and present the birthday/anniversary gifts of the month. It seems like a really nice, uplifting morning and I quite often head into our friendship room when they serve lunch - always so delicious, thanks to Mike and his team. (And speaking of Mike, we are so glad he is recovering so well from a difficult time and quite a scare before he had his new pace-maker installed. A new lease on life for our Mike! Apparently pace-makers make quite a difference. Thanks, Lord, for technology like this!)

    Even though there will be no Student Cafe this Wednesday, I hear the men's Prayer Breakfast Group is planning a hearty breakfast since they won't have to rush to be ready to help at Student Cafe. Next Wednesday, I'm not sure though, the office hasn't heard if they will meet or not ... yet. I'll try to keep you posted. If you would like to join the group, you're most welcome - show up at the Church at 6:30 am this Wednesday.

    Our Wednesday afternoon Study Group will continue this week. Linda's 'Last Supper Discourses of Jesus' has been so awesome. What a great group to be a part of and I cannot say enough about what an amazing teacher Linda is. We are all learning a lot as she makes the Bible come alive and even more relevant to us. She knows a lot and researches to tell us the context and culture, etc. of what we are studying. We close each time in prayer and I find this is a caring group. We are all ladies but I'm sure men would be welcome. 1 pm Wednesdays.

    One more announcement - if you would like to donate muffins or a loaf for our Easter Sunday Continental Breakfast, please leave a message for Edith - 376 8810. Thanks!

    Hope to see you out at our Easter gatherings - see my last blog for details.

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