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  • Nov14Wed

    Important EFC Announcement

    November 14, 2012
    As we sang 'O Canada' on Sunday at church, my heart was full. I like our national anthem and feel blessed to be Canadian. And I appreciate those who have served. One of my sons served in the Armed Forces for a time so I have more of an understanding and an even deeper respect for the men and women who serve. The freedom we have to worship and live as we do should not be taken for granted. Remembrance Day.

    November is also National Adoption Awareness Month. This is brought to our attention, not only by our national FMCiC Bishop, Keith Elford, but by the EFC (The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada). 

    "Thousands and thousands of Canadian youth and children are waiting for a forever home." Ask It! Connect and Engage - learn more about the 30,000 adoptable children and youth, why quality fostering matters, and, why 'aging out' with no family or community matters. Plus ideas from how we can engage locally, e.g. 'snow suit campaigns' to tips for leaders that challenge us to be culture-makers.

    Although I don't mean to always turn this blog to me personally, I would like to mention that I was in a foster home at six months of age then later adopted into the same wonderful family, so the adoption issue is always of interest to me. If adoption is of interest to you, check out www.evangelicalfellowship.ca/adoptionsunday for more info.

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