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  • Oct26Fri

    Induction Service

    October 26, 2018
    We are very pleased to have Rev. Dr. Shelley Utz as our new pastor! Shelley, Dan and the children have lived in our city for almost two months now, quite a change from Edmonton, so we hear.

    Rev. Marc McAlister, on behalf of Bishop Cliff, both from FMCiC, brought a sermon and officiated the Induction Service. It was a very special time with beautiful words spoken in The Exchange of Commitments, uniting in a covenant of dedication, Pastor Shelley and the members of our church. Rev. Vern Frudd, coach with the national church and retired lead pastor of FMCC, was also in attendance to offer his support and pray the closing prayer. Following the service, we shared a meal together. 

    A new chapter has begun and we look forward to God's continued work in our lives as we journey together!

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