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    January News

    January 19, 2018
    Hi! Hope you're enjoying the sunshine out there - it feels like spring! Actually Pastor Vern and Jackie are on vacation where it's like summer  - somewhere warm and balmy with sandy beaches and palm trees! Pastor Vern will be back in the office on February 2.

    We are pleased to have Linda speak this Sunday, The Apostle's Creed, Part 8. Linda does such an excellent job on the platform and is a wonderful teacher / speaker so be sure not to miss an awesome service - 10:30 AM.

    As well, if you missed last Sunday, the Pastoral Leadership Task Force administered a short questionnaire following the morning service. You're welcome to pick up a copy from the usher's table this week. Or the church office. Please prayerfully respond as this is your opportunity to give input to the committee concerning the future of our church. You can take it home to fill out but please return to the church office by Tuesday at 3:30 PM. Thank you.

    See the calendar for upcoming events and special speakers. There's info on the next trip to the Gleaners in Lumby and our Family Times Friday, February 9. If you feel winter is really getting a bit long, Family Times is a fun, relaxed evening for the church family and friends, so come on out and connect!

    News from FMCiC - did you know you're invited to sign up to receive 'Cliff's Notes', our Bishop's weekly email? Sign up through FMCiC website, fmcic.ca/cliffsnotes-signup/ As well, there are many interesting announcements, photos and links to articles relevant to each one of us.

    More news: FMCiC (this is Free Methodist Church in Canada - our Ministry Centre in Ontario, in case you're wondering) has added Regional Coaches to their organizational chart. Their primary role will be to come alongside pastors, boards and churches to equip and encourage them as they pursue being a healthy church that takes responsibility for their community. The goal is to be able to respond to churches in a more timely manner to get them whatever help they need. VERY SPECIAL NEWS: our Pastor Vern is one of the six new coaches. Congratulations!

    Finally, sign up to walk with our team, FM TEAM HOPE as we participate in Coldest Night of the Year once again. This is Canada's National Walk for Homelessnesss - $16,500,000 raised since 2011 - 120 communities across the nation. Last year I brought three of my grandchildren to walk the short 2.5 kms route. They did great and had lots of fun for a worthy cause.

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