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  • May7Tue


    May 7, 2013
    The fact that a 'news' blog hasn't been posted for a loooong time does not reflect on the happenings around here, just on my neglect in communicationg. I apologize.

    There is a Brunch for ladies Saturday at 10:30AM. The theme, 'When Life Gives You Lemons' - I'm sure we can all relate to this somewhat. The ladies committee puts a lot of effort into their events and this will be no exception. A very special way to spend Saturday morning, come on over and invite a friend!

    Pastor Vern is leaving today for his annual 'spring planting' trip to SK. Hopefully he will have a refreshing visit at the farm. And see lots of sunshine so he won't have to worry about being a contender for the mudpuppy award this year.

    Pastor Jeff will be speaking in Pastor Vern's absence. He just dropped a paper on my desk with this Sunday's sermon title - 'Boats So Full'. Hmm... come on out Sunday to see what this could be about.

    As well this Sunday, there will be a Baby Dedication - Joy's baby, Anthony! Fitting as it's Mother's Day.

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