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  • It's hard to believe we've just had our final Summer Backyard Gathering. Summer's not over already, is it?

    Thanks, Marge and Keegan, for inviting us over! Awesome yard and I loved the big cat in the window!! It was an absolutely perfect summer evening and approximately 35 showed up, lawnchair and sundae topping in hand ... not sure who brought the ice-cream but thanks! Pastor Jeff spoke on 'the Six Needs' we all have and had various people read.

    Pastor Vern and Jackie hosted the first one at 'the parsonage'. Everyone brought a special dessert to share. (I say 'the parsonage' because last year some people wondered what what it was. It's where the pastor and his family live if you're still wondering.)

    Wayne and Charlotte had planned a salmon and turkey barbeque for July 23 (mmm!), and I might have already mentioned that they had to cancel due to a power outage. Their farm is up at Chase Creek, about 45 minutes east of town and up the mountain. Some people still drove out and enjoyed the fellowship by candlelight. Thanks, you two, everyone always looks forward to your annual invitation!

    Next Matt and Joanne hosted everyone in their nice backyard out near the airport. It was a bit hot and even a bit smokey from forest fires in the area, but really enjoyed by all. Thanks so much! A great turn out, great desserts and great devotional by Pastor Vern as usual.

    Next summer, maybe we should meet every Wednesday!

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