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  • Aug21Tue

    Pastor Jeff and Jeremy, and Wayne Spence

    August 21, 2012
    This Sunday, August 26, our church delegate, Wayne Spence, will be speaking - 'The Faithfulness of God' from II Samuel 22:21-37. We look forward to listening to Wayne again!

    Pastor Jeff spoke this past Sunday in Pastor Vern's absence. "Everyday Courage" was the sermon title. Jeremy Kneeshaw had been invited to speak a bit about the Scripture passage, Joshua 1:1-9 and did a great job - and was most 'engaging'! It was a very good Sunday worship service!

    A few highlights (in the absence of a 'posted' sermon outline this week) that impacted me:
    • how often do 'we' act with courage in our everyday battles?
    • sometimes those things that take the most courage in our lives are not grandiose but common and relentless.
    • courage and moral strength are only seen in action. It is an invisible quality of the mind until it is forced into being revealed.
    • all the spectacular tihngs that Joshua did!
    • a famous quote, 'champions are not made in the ring, they are merely recognized there.'
    • true courage finds itself manifested in persistent rigorous fruitful spiritual training and ritual
    • one pastor said, 'you can train yourself to need anything. You can train yourself to crave a heroin high. You can train yourself to become an Olympian. You can train yourself to love and follow God - in this world, there is no more courageous act than that.'
    • 'courageous people are still afraid, but they don't let the fear paralyze them. People who lack courage will give into fear more often than not, which actually has the long-term effect of strengthening the fear....'
    • it is possible to attain a state where we begin to believe in our fears more so than in Jesus Christ. (not good!)
    • A healthy fear of God trumps everything else. It's like Dallas Willard says, 'for Christians facing the lions den - doesn't really matter if you are already dead in Christ.'

    'What does it mean to be strong and courageous to Jeff Torrans? TO BE BETTER THAN YESTERDAY. That is what takes the most courage from me. Ever get that feeling that time is passing so fast? Maybe we are living too easy and comfortable for any courage or strength to register as the days fly by?

    1. So now, GET UP! - we have to start - the hardest part of any journey is the first step
    2. 'I am giving it to you' - if God is for us, who can be against us?
    3. 'I will be with you' - life is never a solo act.
    4. 'I will never fail or abandon you' (jogging buddy example)
    5. 'Follow my instructions' - Jesus said follow a lot - we usually know what to do.
    6. Meditate on Scriptures - soak in the foundational teaching of the Word of God
    7. Act accordingly to what is written there - knowledge and experience are two different things
    8. Don't be afraid - don't let it (fear) stop you
    9. Prepare the provisions - move your feet!

    Why be strong and courageous? Because people are farther away from God than ever before. Therefore, the people of the church need to exhibit and practice grace more than ever before. That takes courage.

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