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  • May2Mon

    Reasons to Smile : )

    May 2, 2016
    Hello! Thanks for stopping by ...

    Some happy news:  Shirley has a new grandson - Myles Joel, born April 26 at 4:44 pm weighing 7 lbs. 10oz, 20.5 cm. Congratulations to Shirley, parents, Kathy and Ken, and the rest of the family at this wonderful little addition to the family!

    As well, Wayne and Charlotte have a new little one at their house - grandson, Logan, brother to Wyatt. Two precious little boys to love!

    Speaking of babies, we have just begun our 'Formula 4Hope Baby Bottle Brigade' for the month of May. This is a fundraiser for Kamloops Pregnancy Care Centre. "The idea is that you take home a baby bottle to remember moms in crisis - and to bring it back at the end of the month filled with coins or bills or a cheque as your heart feels led. As a Formula 4Hope partner you share in a supernatural work of love that is changing hearts and saving lives." Last year our Church raised $417.47.

    Some of the guys have been practicing a song to sing this coming Sunday - Mother's Day. We look forward to a special day.

    Earl, our Church Treasurer, has been working on tithe.ly - a new way to give. E-Giving. We will have a link on our home page soon. (Right now, if you're looking for it, it's on the 'We Support' page - we tried it out there, out of sight til we knew how it was actually going to work out. Thanks, Chris, for your help with many things on our website!) On Sunday, May 15th, Sandy Crozier, FMCiC, will be speaking in our morning service. Following the service she will be available for a discussion on E-Giving.

    A bridal shower was held Saturday evening in honour of Shannon - unfortunately, I was out of town, but I heard many good reports on what a fun time it was! From the amazing decor to 'The Price is Right' by Rebecca and Rachael, from how wonderful and special the gifts were to the heartfelt thank you speech by Shannon, it sounded like a very special time. We will certainly miss Shannon when she moves to Vernon after her wedding in June. But Vernon is only an hour away - I'm sure we will see Shannon and Chris fairly often when they come back to visit.

    Another happy occasion: congratulations to Bob and Lea on their 55th wedding anniversary! They brought a delicious cake to share with everyone yesterday in honour of this milestone anniversary.

    So many blessings and reasons to smile and celebrate. Life isn't easy - we are all dealing with challenges - but thankfully, we have each other and best of all, we have the Lord. If you missed being at Church yesterday, Pastor Vern's sermon was on Joy and his sermon outline is available on our website. Some great points there to be reminded of. Have a good week!

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