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  • Jul11Wed

    Summertime Blog

    July 11, 2012
    Come on over for our first Summer Backyard Fellowship - at "the parsonage" - which means the Pastor's house. Apparently 'parsonage' is an old term and people don't seem to know what it is anymore. That dates me, I guess! Bring a lawnchair and a dessert to share - Pastor Vern suggests pie would be a good choice! He and Earl are over there now setting up canopies, so there will be shade even in this 30+ sunny weather we are enjoying. That's tonight at 7pm. Please park in the church parking lot.

    I heard from Pastor Jeff that Saturday's Park Day was a great success, sunshine, a wading pool and lots of fun for everyone! Prince Charles Park, being quite the popular location, there were eight birthday parties going on as well! And lastnight, some youth and young adult got together down by the river to play beach volleyball. So lots of summertime 'fellowship' going on :) Another Park Day, a Beach Day and more coming up. It is great to get together!

    'Our Blog' isn't quite going as I had hoped - thank you to our leaders who have contributed something. Many do plan to get around to submitting a blog, but must be busy with their summer activities. Starting next week, I will be away from the office for two weeks but plan to have someone put the sermon outlines online as usual. So that's it for now :)

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