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  • Feb28Thu

    Team 'Shop Nite Guys'

    February 28, 2013
    Okay, it's old news now, but we would be amiss not to mention team 'Shop Nite Guys' participation in the 5km walk for New Life Mission. Coldest Night of the Year event was last Saturday night and our team raised $825. City-wide, close to $25,000 was raised and across Canada over $1,400,000. Gerald, Rita, Laurie, Barry, Marvyn, Nancy, Marianne, David and myself (Debbie) were one of 1,070 teams and nearly 7,000 walkers. It was a fun evening and a worthy cause - and it wasn't too cold! Thanks, everyone, and supporters!

    The city youth pastors are meeting in a room down the hall and it's awesome to hear their laughter and their prayers and to know they have a heart for our youth. They are in the planning stages of a city-wide youth event scheduled for April 15th.

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