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  • Our Christmas Event is tomorrow night!! The whole church building is so beautifully decorated, evergreen and twinkling lights everywhere. Our ladies really do go all out. Yesterday Sarah and baby Bronson were here making the sweet centre-pieces, and last night the young adult study group decorated the upstairs Christmas tree. Marv and Gerald D have been working on decorating the trailer for the 'hayride' which will make rounds throughout our neighbourhood with Christmas carolers. 24 pies will be delivered by noon tomorrow and a crew is now in the kitchen peeling a mountain of potatoes. Rita and Tom make a good team overseeing all things food.  Dee keeps us all organized and has worked for days setting up. As I type, the dining room is all set for the first turkey dinner sitting - which is full by the way (5:00 PM).

    Things to do - there will be cool crafts to create, there's an assortment of fresh boughs waiting to be made into Christmas garlands / wreaths, a puzzle to make while visiting and cookies to decorate. Upstairs there are games to try your hand at, including ping pong, table hockey, air hockey ... or just relax on the couch.  And much more!

    The final rehearsal for the mini concert is tonight, Carolyn and Pastor Vern being the main characters, and what characters they are! Jeremy Kneeshaw will sing 'Hallelujah', the Christmas version, with a duet with Shannon and background choir vocals. The children help tell the Christmas story and will be invited to dress as angels or shepherds.

    So weeks of preparation! Don't miss it! There are a few seats left at the 6:15 dinner sitting - call 250 376 8332 for a reservation. 

    This past Monday the Christian Homeschool Educators of Kamloops had their Talent Show at our church and next Tuesday the Therapeutic Riding Association will host their Annual Christmas Party in our friendship room. The TOPS group usually has a Christmas potluck. So lots of activity and hustling and bustling. 

    And the reason for Christmas - Jesus' birth, His coming to earth and all that means to us as Jesus followers! So wonderful and so special and I am so thankful : )

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