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  • Sep14Fri

    Two Topics: Blogs and our Fall Fun Fair!

    September 14, 2012
    In case anyone is confused, and our home-page may seem a bit unclear, we have three BLOGS: News / Our Blog / Sermon Outlines.

    News: happenings around the church, newsy bits and special announcements by yours truly
    Our Blog:  from our church leaders / individuals
    Sermon Outlines:  this one is just what it says it is, sermon outlines from our pastors and special speakers

    Under each Blog Category are Blog 'Entries'.  On the bottom left corner of this page, you can get to the two 'other blogs'.

    Once again I'll explain why 'Sermon Outlines' is now in a blog format - unlimited entries are allowed. So our pastors can be as wordy as they like, also, we don't see an end to Sunday morning sermons anytime soon, thankfully!

    Enough explaining already. Onto another topic, the Fall Fun Fair was just that and the weather was gorgeous! I heard everyone had lots of fun and lots to eat :) It was a great 'Homecoming' and fall 'Kick off'! Thank you, Dee (organizer), for your hard work again this year - you always do a really great job! And thank you, everyone else who helped out, including Eric Armstrong and Cooper's Foods for your part in supplying the hog dogs.

    BTW, the proceeds from our Bake Sale was donated to Lighthouse Christian Fellowship (Church of the Nazarene) to help with their food program in the downtown Kamloops area.

    There are a few pictures of the Fair and also the young adults' Beach Volleyball in our photo gallery.

    That's it for now! It's so awesome to be a part of such a great church family. God is so good! If you are a bit lonely or would like to feel like you 'belong' somewhere, you're more than welcome here with us!

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