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  • Upcoming Events:

    This Sunday, April 17th, we will serve cake and coffee after the service in honour of Matt and Joanne's 60th Wedding Anniversary. They were married April 20, 1956 and I love them and am very proud of the example they've set - they're my adopted parents : ) Congratulations!

    Sunday, April 24th, new CEO for Kamloops Christian School, Sandro Cuzzetto, will be special speaker during the morning service. Sandro attended our Church way back in the day! We enjoyed his address to our grads two years ago and look forward to seeing him once again. Bobbie-Jo Bellamy, KCS Development Coordinator will be here as well to set up a KCS display.

    Marianne informed me that Linda LaGroix will be sharing photos of her trip to the Holy Land at New Horizons Monday, April 25th. The gathering starts at 10:30 and lunch will follow the special feature.

    Our Church Roof Project is doing great - $14,001.55 has been raised and allocated to date. Thank you, donators! Our Facilities Committee estimates we will need $17,00 - 20,000 this summer for the roof, so thanks again for your generosity.

    Church Treasurer, Earl, will be explaining the new electronic giving opportunity we now have with 'Tithe-ly'. It sounds like a good idea and should be very easy once set up. More info soon ...

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