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  • Jan28Tue

    Walk With Us!

    January 28, 2014
    'Coldest Night of the Year' - FM Team Hope is walking for New Life Mission Saturday, February 22.

    New Life Mission serves people living in poverty in Kamloops. We received a newsletter from NLM this morning by email. Some statistics: 46,179 hot meals served in 2013, 146,000 cups of coffee (+ a doughnut or coffee), emergency help - 500 single, 75 families, outreach special services - 350+ vehicle trips (appointments, hospital visits, meetings, etc.), Health Clinic - 800+ and on and on. So you see, your involvement impacts hundreds of lives in a positive way, helping build a bit brigher future that once seemed out of reach.

    Join us! Or if you prefer, we invite you to sponsor us! FM Team Hope: Nancy, Marvyn, Pastor Vern, Marianne, Rita, Gerald, Linda, Joanne, David, Debbie, Hugh, Dorothy, Gerald, Earl, Laurie and the Shop Nite Guys so far. As of this morning, our team is 2nd in the city for fundraising :)

    To help by donation go to coldestnightoftheyear.org and find Kamloops, then FM Team Hope and there are simple instructions on how to make a donation to a particular walker or the team in general. Thank you!

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  • Feb19Tue

    Walk With Us!

    February 19, 2013
    Hello! A few topics this morning...

    It's not too late to join (or sponsor) team 'Shop Nite Guys' for this Saturday's 'Coldest Night of the Year' walk for New Life Mission. This is a 5 or 10km fundraising walk in support of the hungry, homeless and hurting in our community of Kamloops, as well as right across Canada. Last year our team raised over $1500. You can sign up and donate online - go to coldestnightoftheyear.org, find Kamloops, find Shop Nite Guys then follow the prompts. Or call the church office, 376 8332, and we will help you.

    Sunday night at 5:30pm, come on over to the church for a potluck / hymn sing. It's always a fun, casual evening of just getting together as a church family and the food is always amazing! Everyone is welcome! Sign up sheet is in the lobby or call the office.

    Bible studies, Kids' Club (annual FAMILY NIGHT tomorrow night at 6:30), youth, young adults, student cafe, etc. are carrying on pretty much as usual. Several 'not so usual' dates on the calendar: Read-a-thon deadline is March 3 / city youth pastors meeting here Thursday morning / for all worship team members - a casual pizza gathering March 3 @ 5:30pm (power point techs to stay for Pro Presenter training) / and March 16, Pastor Jeff's hosting 'Become A Person of Influence Seminar' again, 9:00am - noon. RSVP for this one - text 250 819 6814.

    Congratulations are in order! Former pastor, Rev. Marc McAlister, was recently appointed Director of Church Health for the FMCiC. This position starts July 1st and may require a move for Marc and Laurie. The Kamloops church family looks forward to seeing Pastor Marc from time to time.

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