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  • Oct24Wed

    What's Going On

    October 24, 2012
    Food Drive - each October FMCC collects non-perishable food items for distribution by the local Salvation Army to those in need. We have had quite a few donations but would welcome more in this last week. They can be brought to the church and placed in the designated area in the lobby. Thank you!

    Operation Christmas Child, a Samaritan's Purse Project, is also well underway. Some of our people work on this project year round, collecting items to go in the boxes and collecting pop and juice cans to go towards the shipping fee ($7 per shoebox). Boxes and forms/envelopes are available in the lobby. Thank you for your participation! Once again, we are in friendly competition with Pastor Marc and his church family in Sault Ste. Marie. Of course, it's the children receiving the boxes who are the real winners!

    After attending Break Forth Canada last January, I'm encouraging you to consider going! It would be fun to get a group together and go. There is something for everyone and every ministry area, and right now, group rates are available. There are 160 classes to choose from at North America's largest equipping and renewal conference held in Edmonton, Alberta January 25-27. Top speakers, artists and worship leaders in the world will be featured. Check out breakforthcanada.com for more information on Break Forth Canada 2013.

    As music director, I was happy to have 21 of our 27 worship ministry people come out for our pizza and worship band workshop Sunday night. Instrumentalists, vocalists, sound and power point techs. Each team has a unique dynamic and their commitment and faithfulness is appreciated. Thank you, each one, for all you bring to our Body week after week!

    A few things that are happening: people are meeting and planning the budget for 2013, a new brand year! Others are meeting and planning our annual Christmas Event scheduled for Friday, December 14th. There are 150 - 160 students attending our Wednesday morning Student Café. New pictures of new people are being taken to update our photo gallery wall in the hall by the offices. Lives are being transformed as we learn and grow, both individually, and at the various studies and care groups that are meeting.

    So even though 'life in the church' has settled into a fall routine, that doesn't mean there are any dull moments! God's mercies are new each morning and each day is new too and holds much promise and much possibility! I have seen miraculous answers to prayer even in the last week, both personally and in my church family. Praise the Lord! 

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