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  • Jun1Wed

    Wrapping Up the Year

    June 1, 2016
    I was in the middle of writing a blog several days ago when the computer started installing Windows 10 no matter how much I tried to stop it. Should have known this was coming as it happened to Pastor Vern a few weeks ago. Technology - sigh. I'm sure it will be good once I get used to it.

    I've now joined the many who have a Fitbit, though it isn't on my wrist quite yet. Now to set it up and sync it with my iPhone. Technology... again. But I think it will be fun, at least, interesting, to start tracking my activity and sleep patterns and start making some improvements. Fun probably isn't the best word as I'm sure reality will sink in when I see how much I really do need to improve. 

    As well, I endeavor to be spiritually fit by having my morning devotions each day, 'Jesus Calling', with accompanying scripture passages followed by prayer. Other devotions include other resources, but I have kept going back to 'Jesus Calling' for the third time around. I know many of you use 'Jesus Calling' also. Afterwards, with the Lord, I feel ready for almost anything the day may bring.

    A few announcements:

    Our Church Nominating Committee will be meeting Thursday evening (tomorrow) and the following Thursday, June 9, both meetings are at 7 pm. The volunteer sheet has been available the past two Sundays but it's not too late to volunteer if you've missed filling one out. Just call or email the office asap and let us know which areas you'd be interested in and willing to help out with. The categories on the sheet are: Arts, Technical, Guest Services, Kitchen, Kids, Men's/Women's Ministry, Seniors, Small Groups, Community Impact, Student Cafe, Missions, Prayer, Church Building Maintenance, Finance, Other.

    This Saturday at 6:30 pm, the Church Leadership Board will meet with Rev. Kim Henderson, FMCiC (our National Church), regarding the 'Pilot Project'. We are honoured to have Rev. Kim as special speaker Sunday morning.

    Our Church Yard Sale is coming up soon - Saturday, June 11, 9 am - 2 pm. Ron has been busy picking up boxes of donations and people have been dropping by with 'stuff'. There is still room for more donations - bring to Room 4. Thanks!

    A wrap-up BBQ for the Shop Nite guys and their wives is being planned for Tuesday, June 14th at 5:30 pm. This will be held at Barry and Edith's. Please bring a lawn chair.

    Anyone interested in Church Membership or Baptism, please call the office and talk to Pastor Vern.

    All Bible Studies have finished now but will resume in September. A special THANK YOU to all you leaders! You are appreciated very much!

    Please watch next week for a blog by Gerritt. Thanks very much, Gerritt! 

    Congratulations to Hugh and Dorothy on their 50th Wedding Anniversary. This special couple was married May 23rd, 1966. Several photos were posted in the photo gallery. 

    Finally, Church Office summer hours will begin next week - Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 9 am - 1 pm.

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