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    Prayer and Perspective

    March 13, 2020

    Pastor's Blog, March 13, 2020


    Who is this? Even the wind and waves obey Him!” Mark 4:41


    It is easy to lose perspective in the midst of a crisis, and allow fear to take over. Even for seasoned fishermen in the middle of a sudden storm.


    We find ourselves in such a time of crisis, as the coronavirus spreads around the world and several nations are being severely impacted and people are getting sick and dying.


    But let's remember that we serve the One who has power over the winds and the waves. We are not to be driven or controlled by fear. Jesus, our Lord, is the Lord over life and death. That doesn't mean that He will simply protect us and we don't have to take precautions. Not at all. There is no special protection against illnesses for those who are in Christ. It simply means, that whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord (Romans 14:8). We can surrender our fears to God, and receive his gift of peace.


    I have it on reasonably good authority that the Chinese doctor who first sounded the alert in China on the coronavirus and suffered repercussions, and subsequently succumbed to and died of COVID- 19 was a brother in Christ. He knew the peace of Christ even as his faith in Christ motivated him to do all he could for the sick around him.


    The fact that we have no known cases yet in Kamloops should not make us complacent. And so our Church Leadership Board has recommended steps for us to take now to help protect all of us, but in particular our seniors and those with health conditions. Those recommendations for our church are posted on under “Latest News and Sermons.” https://www.kamfm.ca/blogs/all-blogs/covid-19-communication-march-15-2020/


    In particular, the most effective thing to do is the most ordinary and routine thing to do: wash your hands with soap and water frequently. The church leadership will keep up to date on what is being recommending in our province and will take action as necessary. The best information is on the BC Centre for Disease Control website: bccdc.ca


    Jesus calls us to love others and serve them. There will be very real opportunities for us as individuals in the days ahead to be bringers of help and hope to those around us. There may be need for the younger ones among us to step up and help get groceries or run errands for people who need to stay home.


    And let's pray! Let's pray that God will be glorified in and through his people everywhere. Let's pray that God's people will be servants and lights in the midst of crisis. Let's pray for those who are sick and those who are grieving and for those who need hope.


    Grace and peace,


    Pastor Shelley



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