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Sermon Outlines

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  • Jun30Thu

    'A Working Faith' by Pastor Vern

    June 30, 2016

    Psalm 139: 1-24                                                                                                                                       

    Living in troubled times make each of us think about faith issues and how we process information, then walk consistently with the Lord. Sometimes it feels like our faith life is not just out of sync with, but somehow, out of touch with modern life.

     How can the world seem to be going so fast the other direction?

    We face issues like the breakdown of the family, assisted suicide, LGBTQ, addictions, government policies and economics that put us on a course we are opposed to.

    So many things that distract or weigh us down and attack or put pressure on our faith lives.

    Does our faith shape our world view or is our spiritual walk a side bar that doesn’t mix with real life?

    Truth – Satan’s desire is to badger/tempt/discourage/entice/ push our buttons us until we crack

     ‘What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us’                                  A W Tozer – The Knowledge of The Holy – pg 9

    Daily challenge is to focus more on God than the issues of the world

    Devotional insight for a working faith

    1 God knows everything about me – vrs 1  

    • ·         God is not a cosmic policemen but a close friend
      • o   People who live in fear miss the relationship
      • o   People who have no faith miss the relationship
    • ·         God knows my strengths and weaknesses – what makes me tick
    • ·         Do I live each day with a growing awareness of God? Am I trying to please Him?

    2 God is with me – vrs 7

    • ·         I am never outside of God’s presence
    • ·         Travel or distance cannot separate me from God
    • ·         Darkness cannot hide me even when I try to run or hide
    • ·         How have I been aware of God’s presence this week?

    3 God made me – vrs 13  

    • ·         I am a unique and amazingly designed – ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’ – vrs 14
    • ·         He knows what I am best at and He sees the potential in me
    • ·         God knows the length of my days
    • ·         What am I learning about myself? What am I learning about God? How am I growing?

    APPLICATION – A working faith that influences how I spend my days

    • ·         There is no situation that I face that intimidates God
      • o   Nothing is impossible for GodLk 1:37
      • o   When I am weak, then I am strong2 Cor 12:10
    • ·         We are strategically placed to be a godly influence
      • o   To encourage and  support others in need
      • o   To make a difference or be a light in a dark place even if we feel alone or isolated
    • ·         God will only ask us to do what He knows we can do with His help
      • o   We are not alone in uncomfortable situations
      • o   God’s power with equip us for the challenging unknown

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