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Sermon Outlines

This is where you can find our Pastor's sermon notes, usually posted by Friday afternoon.
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  • Dec21Thu

    'Adventure for a Lifetime' by Pastor Vern

    December 21, 2017

    Matt 2: 1-12     

    The fourth Sunday of Advent brings us to the exciting account of the Wise Men traveling a long way to find the child that the star proclaimed.


    • 400 years of sovereign silence
    • God’s plan was unfolding in unusual ways
    • Zachariah and Elizabeth had a son and named him John – Luke 1:63
    • Mary and Joseph came to Bethlehem for tax purposes as husband and wife
    • Jesus was born in a stable and placed in a manger – Luke 2:7    
    • The Angels announced the birth of Jesus to the Shepherds – Luke 2: 8-12    
    • The Shepherds came to Bethlehem to see for themselves – Luke 2:20   
    • Meanwhile 800 miles away three men are planning

    1 Interested – vrs 1    

    • Knowledge of the stars – astronomers - Lifetime to study and looking at the heavens
    • Saw the star and knew something was ‘new’, something significant had happened
    • Surmised that ‘King of the Jews’ – ruler/Saviour’ had been born
    • They were in a position and had the freedom to ‘go and find out’
    • Adventure begins
      • Head in a south west direction and travel together
      • This would involve at least a couple of years to go and return

    2 Inquisitive – vrs 2-8     

    • Entered Jerusalem and made a scene
    • Asked a question that troubled/upset the status quo
    • Inquiry made it all the way to Herod - a search of public documents was ordered
    • Wise men were requested to have an audience with King Herod
    • Information was passed on – ‘Bethlehem’
    • ‘Go and report back’
    • They left and continued their journey

    3 Inspired – vrs 9-11     

    • Star leads them – 6 miles to Bethlehem
    • They find the house - daily life pauses
    • They bow down and worship – fulfillment of searching and journey
    • They presented their gifts
    • They stayed at least one night
    • Because they were instructed in a dream to go home another way


    • Our adventure to find Jesus begins wherever we are
    • Our adventure includes asking others how to find Jesus
    • Our adventure finds Jesus and gives us a new direction for the rest of our lives

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