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Sermon Outlines

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  • Jul13Thu

    'Beyond Words' by Pastor Vern

    July 13, 2017

    2 Corinthians 9: 6-15                                 

    The spiritual life is an adventure that takes us places and provides us experiences that are amazing and hard to describe. Paul is talking about the generous sense in which God dealing with us that needs to be replicated in our daily lives. This is a lifestyle choice that confronts selfishness and isolation. This quality of generosity recognizes the biblical truth that one cannot out give God. He blesses our lives lavishly.

     1 Generous blessing/lavish love – vrs 8

    • Principle of sowing – ‘you reap what you sow’
    • This principle shows up in our daily lives
    •  Are we generous with the opportunities given to us?
    • God loves cheerful involvement
    • Generous grace – abundant resources

    o   More than sufficient with all things

    o   More than sufficient at all times

    o   More than sufficient to be all you need

    o   More than sufficient for every situation

    • Do we live as if we believe this biblical promise
    • We are generously blessed

     2 Surpassing grace - vrs 14      

    • We are blessed in every situation – vrs 11
    • So that we can be a blessing in every situation we face – vrs 11
    • Grace is defined as getting what we don’t deserve
    • Our lives are surprised by God’s generous blessing all the time
    • God is generous with us
    • God’s expectation is that we would be generous with others
    • In a stingy and selfish world God’s generosity and hope is ‘surprising’
    • We need to finding ways to serve and support others  – vrs 13     
    • People see God’s love through our generosity

     3 Indescribable gift – vrs 15       

    • Our lives are full of God’s blessings
    • God blesses us with a rich harvest of effectiveness
    • We cannot adequately describe all that God does in us and through us
    • God’s generosity is extended as we give His blessings away


    Application – Beyond Words

    • My life is full of Jesus
    • I can sow generously because God is generous with me
    • In Jesus I have all I need

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