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  • Feb10Fri

    'Christ-like Gentleness' by Pastor Vern

    February 10, 2017

    Luke 10: 25-37 

    We live in a world where there seem to be needs everywhere we look. It is not difficult to simply turn a blind eye or become sceptical or cynical as we view our world.

     Jesus is challenging our distorted world view

    Gentleness definition

    • ·         Humble non-threatening demeanor - calming presence in a crisis time
    • ·         Is active when meekness is passive and comes from a position of strength in Christ
    • ·         Gentleness is stooping down to help someone up
    • ·         Gentleness is considerate and respects personal dignity
    • ·         Gentleness values each personality
    • ·         Gentleness ‘handles with care’ each need
    • ·         Gentleness  is fair minded and humane

    The Good Samaritan Luke 10: 30-35      

    • ·         One man is traveling and is robbed and beaten during his journey
    • ·         Two religious men pass by and ignore the obvious situation
    • ·         A Samaritan man looks at the need and approaches
    • ·         He evaluates the situation and prepares to respond

    o   He interrupts his trip and is flexible with delay/detour

    o   He uses his own supplies

    o   He bandages and cleans up the man as best he can

    o   He carries him to the nearest safe place

    • ·         He  involves others in the task and covers the expenses
    • ·         He gives instruction regarding further costs

    1 Gentleness pays attention to needs

    • ·         Turns toward need and suspends what we are doing or have planned
    • ·         Doesn’t look for blame or explanation and doesn’t wait for political correctness
    • ·         1st question is ‘How can I help?’

    2 Gentleness steps up and gets involved

    • ·         Roll up sleeves and jumps in to help alleviate immediate need
    • ·         Does what is needed to relieve and comfort with the things you have at your disposal
    • ·         Requires personal involvement – wants to be part of the redemptive solution

    3 Gentleness requires a genuine desire for health

    • ·         Involves and includes others – can’t do this all on our own
    • ·         Willing to have long-term view
    • ·         Understands contact and follow up
    • ·         We can only respond to one need at a time – all that Jesus asks of us


    • ·         Christ-like gentleness is willing to be interrupted by someone’s need
    • ·         Christ-like gentleness keeps us busy
    • ·         Christ-like gentleness invests in kingdom health and growth

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