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Sermon Outlines

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  • Sep30Fri

    'Deeper Devotion' by Pastor Vern

    September 30, 2016

    Eph 4: 22-32                                                                                               

    Growth in our spiritual lives is a significant step. Intentional choices of spiritual renovation bring changes yet options for more effectiveness. What does intentional growth look like?

    Memory verses – Nov 94 - over 21 years and 250 verses – intentional verses of spiritual insight.

    ‘What you believe about God is the most important thing about you’ A W Tozer

                                                                                                                                       – Knowledge of the Holy – p 9


    1 Remove what hides God’s original design – vrs 22   

    • ·         Unhealthy activities – lust and deception – following our consuming desires
    • ·         Sin hides our God given potential
    • ·         God wants to remove layers of restrictions and limitations
    • ·         God wants to reveal the ‘real’ you
    • ·         Abundant living involves more than just existing


    2 Restore God’s original glory – vrs 23   

    • ·         Take the layers of sin and grime down to the natural beauty
    • ·         We were created with a unique design and beauty
    • ·         Satan wants to obliterate/destroy/cover that up
    • ·         God want to assure us of how and what we were made for – where we fit
    • ·         We begin to discover

    o   Our responsibility is to grow – work at staying fresh and new

    o   Understand that the object of training is growth

    o   Get to know kingdom standards and expectations as we grow


    3 Reuse according to God’s original purpose – vrs 24  

    • ·         Restore to ‘better than new’ – upgrades for more effective use
    • ·         Get back to living as we were designed to enjoy – abundant life
    • ·         Our original beauty honours our creator
    • ·         At salvation God gives us:

    o   A new heart

    o   Willingness to obey

    o   Singleness of passion for worship

    o   Pours His love into us so that we can live

    • ·         To honour God and grow into His likeness



    • ·         Remove soul contamination and cover up to discover God’s design
    • ·         Restore our lives and uncover God’s original purpose for us
    • ·         Reuse what God gave us and made us to do


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