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Sermon Outlines

This is where you can find our Pastor's sermon notes, usually posted by Friday afternoon.
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  • 2 Timothy 1: 3-14                                      

    Scripture reminds us that the pursuit of the righteous life requires a disciplined approach. This means that we have a plan that will guide our steps and motivate us to follow it through.

    Today we are celebrating the sacrament of baptism. This is the moment when we make an intentional  statement of our desire to place our lives under the Lordship of Jesus.

    Let’s look at the instruction from the Apostle Paul

    1 Develop the gift of God in your life – vrs 6-7    

    • ‘Fan into flame the gift of God’ … ‘For God did not give you a spirit timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline’
    • Fan into flame
    • Work with the glowing embers
    • These can make a big fire
    • This can bring heat and help to a number of people
    • This reminds us of the God’s work and influence in every one of our lives

    2 Trust your faith to support you in all of your daily circumstances – vrs 12   

    • A decision to follow Jesus goes with us into each experience
    • We need to trust the foundation of faith we stand on
    • Can you trust the retaining wall and stand on it?
    • Can you trust the bridge and walk over it?
    • Can you trust what you believe?      ‘…I know whom I have believed, and  am convinced          that he is able to guard what I have entrusted to him for that day’
    • Can I believe that God keeps and guards me?

    3 Develop healthy habits that strengthen your spiritual walk – vrs 13-14

    • ‘Guard the good deposit that was entrusted to you…?
    • Follow Biblical instruction and begin to replace unhealthy decisions with healthy ones
    • Healthy habits include a plan of action for our daily lives that encourage healthy living
    • Follow the good example of godly people
    • Guard or keep close watch and care for the spiritual gift placed in your life
    • The Holy Spirit is helping us in this journey


    • Work at developing God’s gifts in your life
    • Trust what you believe and step forward
    • Work at making healthy spiritual choices

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