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Sermon Outlines

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  • Sep16Fri

    'Focus on Things Above' by Pastor Vern

    September 16, 2016

    Col 3: 1-10                                                                                                                        

    In life’s journey we face many kinds of challenges. What a great testimony it is when we can say with confidence that the Lord has provided His solution and presence in our lives.

    Scripture today reminds us of His promises and instruction for us.

     1 Set your heart on things above – vrs 1    

    • ·         Attention
    • ·         Focus
    • ·         Love – put your heart into it
    • ·         Continual gaze – don’t look away
    • ·         Don’t be distracted/pre-occupied by circumstances
    • ·         Live by faith

     2 Set your mind on things above – vrs 2 

    • ·         Thoughts
    • ·         Truth
    • ·         Promises of God
    • ·         Choices that guide our journey
    • ·         Think more about Jesus than worries/doubts/fears
    • ·         Be a person of faith

     3 Set your hope on things above – vrs 3+4

    • ·         We surrendered our lives to Christ
    • ·         Christ keeps the treasure of our lives in safe keeping
    • ·         Christ will return to us
    • ·         We are promised the eternal reward of living with Him
    • ·         That truth rocks our world – we are forever different because of this
    • ·         This truth shapes our faith today
    • ·         This truth influences how we live today and tomorrow
    • ·         This truth gives us confidence to stay the course and be faithful
    • ·         This truth helps us to keep our eyes up and look to Him


    • ·         I give my heart to Jesus and follow Him
    • ·         I think about Him and remember what He taught us
    • ·         I choose to believe Him and trust in His promises for me


    On Sunday, September 18, 2016, Earl Baker said:

    Great sermon


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