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Sermon Outlines

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  • Jan20Fri

    'God Centered Devotion' by Pastor Vern

    January 20, 2017

    Daniel 6: 1-23                  

    One of the greatest challenges in our believer’s heart is to stay faithful to the task. Often we are tempted to view our spiritual lives as a sprint. In reality our spiritual journey is a marathon.so our Biblical reminder today is to ‘keep our eyes fixed on Jesus’ (Heb 12:2)

    Faithfulness definition

    ·         That which is firm and can be counted on, firm adherence to promises or in observance of duty

    ·         Dependable, loyal, reliable or trustworthy – Am I a person of my word?

    ·         Reflects truthfulness and consistency, firm adherence to promises or in observance of duty

    ·         Honesty – like Jesus who was open and honest

    ·         Dependable – consistent integrity

    o   Stays true to 1st love in godly relationship and relating to others

    o   Psa 15:4 ‘who keeps his oath even when it hurts’ - A person who keeps their word

    ·         Loyal –

    o   stick with or stand by even when not convenient

    o   a friend to be counted on (Jonathan and David)

    Daniel – faithfulness under scrutiny – Daniel 6: 1-23     

    ·         Daniel had distinguished himself with superior leadership and wisdom

    ·         Others were jealous and looked for a way to discredit him

    ·         Daniel was beyond approach ‘…he was trustworthy and neither corrupt or negligent

    ·         Only area to attack was with his resolute commitment to God

    ·         Opponents came up  with plan to expose Daniel and discredit him with Darius the king

    ·         Worship only the king for 30 days – disobedience was to be punishable by death – King signs

    ·         Daniel is aware of plan and carries on with faithfulness in his walk and relationship with God

    ·         Opponents document disobedience and report it to the king

    ·         Darius is disturbed when he finds out the plot is intentionally focused on discrediting Daniel

    ·         The law cannot be overturned – (law of the Medes and Persians)

    ·         Daniel is not worried – he trusts God even as he is lowered into the lions’ den

    ·         The lions mouths are closed and Daniel is removed in the morning safely

    ·         Daniels opponents are punished with the same  action – they did not survive

    1 Faithfulness requires us to keep focused on the main thing

    ·         Relationship with God

    ·         Relationship with others

    2 Faithfulness helps us weather the storms of life

    ·         Facing the crisis that come our way

    ·         Trusting God with the things we cannot control

    3 Faithfulness trusts when all other help fails

    ·         Things we count on do not always rescue us

    ·       ‘…For Christ’s sake, …when I am weak, then I am strong’ 2Cor 12:10


    ·         God centered devotion requires that I stay focused on Jesus and keep my word

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