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Sermon Outlines

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  • Aug11Thu

    'Grace for ALL' by Pastor Vern

    August 11, 2016
    Luke 15: 11-32
    This parable of Jesus confronts us all with moments when we are not as charitable towards others who are working through issues. We may feel the tendency to judge or be critical. Today we look at the attitude and difficulty of the older brother.

    The critical older brother - vrs 25-32

    The older brother questions the generosity of the father
    • He returns and hears a celebration in process
    • He finds out it is for his brother who has returned
    • He becomes angry and refuses to participate
    • His father comes to him and explains his actions
    • He argues on the basis of his duty/faithfulness
    • He observes/complains he has never had a party
    • He doesn't understand the grace and love of the father
    • He feels justified in his hard line/point of view

    The older brother remains distant from the celebration
    • He remains outside in cold comfort
    • He is not willing to forgive his younger brother who he views as a sinner
    • He views his father as a boss or master - not father in these moments
    • He remains rigid and refuses to budge
    • He feels he is right and everyone else is wrong
    • He wrestles with the invitation to change his mind and participate
    • He has to deal with the fact he is the only one not celebrating kingdom joy

    The older brother must decide what to do
    • The father has taken the initiative to come to him and invite him to enter in
    • He must decide if he is willing to give up his hard heart and attitude and enter in
    • If the father forgives who are we to stand in judgment, argue or refuse to accept?
    • It is as difficult a journey from the yard to the house as it is from a far country
    • To be on the outside is a lonely place
    • What do you think the older brother did?
    • What would you do?
    • Who are you in this story that Jesus told?

    Application - What ending would you give to this story?
    • We can be near Jesus but not be part of the celebration
    • We need to examine our hearts if we refuse to celebrate what Jesus forgives
    • What do we need to let go of in order to 'come home'
    • I think he let it go and 'came home'

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