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Sermon Outlines

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  • Aug4Thu

    'Grace for ALL' by Pastor Vern

    August 4, 2016

    Luke 15: 11-32                                                                                             

    As Jesus tells this teaching parable he gives us an amazing picture of unconditional love. We have a story that helps us to understand that we can be anyone of these three individuals at different times is our lives. Today we look at the gracious father.

    The gracious father vrs 20-24

    1 Grace is learned – vrs 11-13  

    • ·         A heartbreaking request is made – a family is fractured
    • ·         The father acts on the request
    • ·         Somewhere in the circumstances of life the father had experienced compassion
    • ·         What had happened that made him willing to be tender and merciful?
    • ·         Luke 7:47 ‘He who has been forgiven little loves little’
    • ·         Our capacity for grace and forgiveness matches how much we feel we have been forgiven

    2 Grace is tested

    • ·         The father loves his son enough to let him make a bad decision
    • ·         He made financial arrangements and gave his son a lump gift
    • ·         Remember, the son did not want to wait until the father had died
    • ·         The father watches the son get together his ‘stuff’ and walk away
    • ·         The father is wise enough to have great concerns about this willful action
    • ·         He gives him the freedom to make mistakes – grace is tested
      • o   Do we try to control and influence others actions?
      • o   How are we being tested right now with others that we have great concern for?
    • ·         The father sends his heart with the son
      • o   Didn’t hate him or draw a line in the sand
      • o   Was  concerned and was with him in prayer and support – didn’t write him off
    • ·         The heart of the Father longs for his children to come home – he watches and waits

    3 Grace is given

    • ·         He anticipates/expects his son to return
    • ·         Question – Do we wait in prayerful expectation for wandering loved ones?
    • ·         He sees him coming down the road
    • ·         He runs to him – doesn’t wait in judgment – take the initiative to go to him
    • ·         Grace overwhelmed the fathers  heartache and suffering
    • ·         For both father and son the issues is not what they lost but in what they gained in this moment
    • ·         Reconciliation and celebration – forgiveness and joy
    • ·         Immediate inclusion is the family and activity – not consequence and judgement


    • ·         Grace anticipates the return of those who have walked away
    • ·         Grace welcomes with a big heart and open arms
      • o   The issues of separation are not as important and the effort to return
      • o   Harmony is more important than division
    • ·         Grace celebrates the moment and encourages everyone to participate

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