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Sermon Outlines

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  • Jul29Fri

    'Grace for ALL' by Pastor Vern

    July 29, 2016

    Luke 15: 11-32                                                                                                                

    In the telling of this parable Jesus shares the foundational message of God’s heart – Love and Grace. Unconditional love is expressed in generous grace, acceptance and forgiveness and invites us home, which is a safe place for all of us. This is an awesome message for the troubled times in which we live.

    Our brief study will look at these three dimensions: the selfish son, the critical older brother and generous father.

    The younger brother vrs 11-20   

    1 Selfishness rejects love

    • ·         He was not content with the blessings that he had
    • ·         He made an unbelievable request – unheard of according to customs of the day
    • ·         He rejected his home and heritage 
    • ·         He rejected reason and the concerns of others
    • ·         He gave no thought to direction or consequences
    • ·         He pursued a life of consumption and pleasure
    • ·         He was uncontrolled and lost it all

    2 Selfishness obscures hope

    • ·         Emptiness is a cold reality check
    • ·         He needs a job and is hired to feed pigs
    • ·         He is hungry with no satisfaction – the ‘good life’ was gone
    • ·         Satan can only offer a sad imitation of the ‘good life’
    • ·         He was alone
    • ·         No one showed the slightest interest in him
      • o   Only what he could offer as a hired man
      • o   No longer valued as a friend or human being
    • ·         Loses himself and hits ‘the wall’ – coming to the end of ourselves is the beginning of recovery

    3 Grace offers hope

    • ·         He comes to his senses – he begins to thinks straight – common sense
    • ·         Thinks of what he used to have
    • ·         Thinks about what he could return to
    • ·         Willing to return as a hired man not a son
    • ·         He begins to rehearse his confession
    • ·         He sets off and begins the long journey home
    • ·         Each step brings thoughts of consequence and hope
    • ·         In his father’s embrace he starts his confession
    • ·         His father graciously welcomes him home as a son
    • ·         Broken relationship was fully restored

    Application – Grace for All

    • ·         Rejecting the Fathers love involves leaving home
    • ·         Thinking of home always includes the possibility of returning
    • ·         The return journey is not easy but always good

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