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Sermon Outlines

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  • Mar31Fri

    'In the Journey' by Pastor Vern

    March 31, 2017

    Psa 34: 1-11      

    This past week has had the swing of emotions from loss to gain; from the death and funeral of a loved uncle to the birth of a healthy grandson. I have been thinking about the lessons learned and the wisdom that needs to be shared for living. What are the lessons and examples we follow and what kind of footprints are we leaving for others to follow?

     Background 1 Sam 21: 10 – 15   

    • David has been anointed king – 1 Sam 16   
    • David is victorious over Goliath – 1 Sam 17
    • Saul tries to kill David with his spear – 1 Sam 19   
    • Saul plots to kill David because he fears him – 1 Sam 20  
    • David begins a time of running from Saul and goes to Achish
    • David fakes sanity to hide from Saul in relative safety
    • David is watched and motives are questioned
    • David relies on God during this turn of events
    • What do you do when life is not turning out as you had thought?


    Lessons for the journey to pass along to others as we walk with Jesus – vrs 11

    1 Walking in His presence – vrs 4-5      

    • We have conversation
    • Listens to my questions  and answers
    • Delivers me from my fears

    o   Extreme swing of my thoughts that can run away with me

    o   Calms my mind and quiets my spirit

    o   Helps me to keep my focus on Him and relax – Heb 12:2   

    2 Walking in His protection – vrs 7   

    • Looking after me no matter where I am at
    • Setting safe and healthy boundaries for me
    • Looks after me in ways I am not even aware of
    • I just need to trust and follow Him

    3 Walking in His provision – vrs 8, 10    

    • Taste and discover good things
    • Be willing to try what God brings before rejecting it
    • His promise is to care for us so that we ‘lack no good thing’
    • Learning to lean and trust involves the journey of a lifetime


    Application – an example to follow and an example to leave

    • Jesus always cares about us
    • Jesus always takes an active interest in us
    • Jesus never leaves us alone

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