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Sermon Outlines

This is where you can find our Pastor's sermon notes, usually posted by Friday afternoon.
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  • Dec8Fri

    'Journey to Bethlehem' by Pastor Vern

    December 8, 2017

    Luke 2: 1-7                             

    The world needed a saviour. God’s plan begins to unfold. Mary and Joseph are part of a divine plan to bring salvation and joy to a world in need.


    • 400 years of sovereign silence
    • God had not responded to the needs of the nation in a public way
    • God was beginning to share His surprising plan
    • Zachariah and Elizabeth had a son
    • When he was to be named the conventional thought was to name him after his father
    • Zachariah wrote on a tablet the name ‘John’ – Luke 1:63  
    • Immediately Zachariah was able to speak and began to praise God for all He was doing
    • The plan of redemption was taking place

    1 Conform – vrs 1-4     

    • A decree was issued by Caesar Augustus to register for tax purposes
    • Everyone was to go back to their hometown – family roots
    • Bethlehem was the historical home of King David – Joseph’s forefather
    • Joseph took Mary who was expecting – vrs 5, Matt 1: 18-25    
      • Mary was pregnant before she was married to Joseph
      • Joseph was preparing to quietly divorce her
      • Dream
        • Don’t be afraid to marry her
        • God is in this
        • Baby will be a son – ‘give him the name Jesus’
        • ‘He will save his people from their sins’
        • Joseph took Mary to Bethlehem

    2 Concern – vrs 6-7    

    • No room in the inn for guests
    • Time for the baby to be born (day or two before or had labor started?)
    • The stable was the only place available
    • They settle in and make the best of the situation

    3 Content – vrs 7     

    • Mary gives birth – safe arrival – Mother and baby were doing well
    • Jesus is born and is wrapped up
    • Mary lays him in a manger
    • Sense of peace and contentment in the stable
    • Harmony in worship and acknowledgement by every living thing in the stable


    • God has a plan for every step of our journey
    • God has a place for us when everything seems to be full
    • God gives us peace in His will no matter where we are

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