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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

This is where you can find our Pastor's sermon notes, usually posted by Friday afternoon.
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  • John 4: 1- 42                                                                                                                         

    The joy of community is that as we get to know Jesus we begin to grow and experience spiritual life together. This common experience gives us the opportunity to learn and lean on each other.

    Today we are going to have the opportunity of filling out a survey that asks us to rate of spiritual growth in relationship to our church and structure. This is important as we strategically work to enter next steps of ministry. Your input is crucial.

    Encountering Jesus

    1 An encounter with Jesus begins our journey – vrs 7

    • ·         Jesus asks a simple question
    • ·         Jesus takes time to listen and respond
    • ·         Jesus comes to the heart of our spiritual issues

    2 Encountering Jesus leads to fresh spiritual understanding – vrs 28-29

    • ·         ‘Come see a man who told me everything I ever did’
    • ·         ‘Could this be the Christ?’  
    • ·         Leading others in finding and having a moment with Jesus

    3 The goal of our encounter with Jesus is to become fully devoted followers  – vrs 42  

    • ·         When we find Jesus our lives are changed
    • ·         We want to tell others and help them find Jesus also
    • ·         We function within community as we grow together


    Steps of Discipleship – a framework for intentional disciple making

    • ·         Milepost #1 – Exploring a relationship with Jesus – I’m a seeker
      • o   I believe in God, but I’m not sure about where Jesus fits. My faith is emerging, it’s not really  a significant part of my life
    • ·         Milepost #2 – Growing in relationship with Jesus – I’m a Jesus follower
      • o   I believe in Jesus and what he has done for me through his sacrifice
      • o   I am working on what it means to know him, to love him and my neighbour
    • ·         Milepost #3 – A close relationship with Jesus – I am an active disciple
      • o   I feel close to Jesus and depend on him for daily guidance
      • o   I am deepening and maturing in my love for God and my neighbour
    • ·         Milepost #4 – Jesus is the central relationship in my life

    – I am Jesus centered, others-oriented disciple

    • o   I have given over my life to the priorities, values and practices of his Kingdom
    • o   This is all about restoring God’s intended wholeness everywhere


    The Journey Discipleship Survey - We are all on the spiritual journey

    • ·         Where are you in the journey?
    • ·         What would help you grow in the journey?
    • ·         What would you like to see provided in our church for the journey?

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