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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

This is where you can find our Pastor's sermon notes, usually posted by Friday afternoon.
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  • Matt 6: 19-34                                             

    Jesus transitions the conversation to look at the motivation for our daily lives. Do we focus more on the ‘stuff’ of life or on the ‘author’ of life? Jesus challenges us with what we are giving our energies too.


    • Jesus is baptised by John the Baptist in the Jordan River (Judean Desert) – Matt 3: 13-17        
    • Jesus is tempted by Satan in the Judean Mountains above Jericho – Matt 4: 1-17     
    • Jesus calls the first of the disciples by the Sea of Galilee and begins to teach – Matt 4: 18-21     
    • Matthew is still a tax collector in Capernaum at this point – Matt 8:9    
    • Matthew was beginning to learn the values of the kingdom from Jesus – Matt 5:1      
    • Value of life – do not take life
    • Don’t deal with others in a contemptable way – in talking about or actions of disrespect

    Kingdom values and daily life

    1 Invest our treasure in heaven – vrs 20      

    • We tend to give our energies to things that diminish
      • Rust, rot or fade
      • Things that can be eaten or trashed
      • What we consider most important is what we give our energies to
        • Jobs – income and security
        • Toys – stuff
        • Our heart and passion
        • What we consider our treasure is where our heart is
        • Impossible to serve two masters – money/God

    2 Keep our eyes on Jesus – vrs 22     

    • Jesus lights up our lives
    • If our focus is not on Him we wander around in the dark – ‘Fix our eyes on Jesus’ – Heb 12:2
    • We lose our direction
    • We try to live as if light is not important

    3 Give our energies to seek Jesus – vrs 33        

    • We worry about material things that we really can’t control
    • Def – ‘looking at a challenge as if Jesus were not there and the whole solution rests on our shoulders to solve’       
    • People who are not looking to Jesus are consumed by these things – vrs 32         
      • Stressed, anxious, and disillusioned by life
      • Time commitments out of balance, no time for the really important things
      • ‘Seek first the kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you’ – vrs 33      
      • God will supply our needs if we make it our priority to seek Him


    • Kingdom treasure never fades or diminishes
    • Kingdom eyes help us to see clearly the journey before us
    • Kingdom values need to be first place in our lives

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