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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

This is where you can find our Pastor's sermon notes, usually posted by Friday afternoon.
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  • Matt 7: 24-29                 

    Jesus concludes this lesson with a challenge to consider making wise choices in our lives. We all say we want to make better decisions but often get caught up doing the same things that get us into trouble.


    • Jesus is baptised by John the Baptist in the Jordan River (Judean Desert) – Matt 3: 13-17        
    • Jesus is tempted by Satan in the Judean Mountains above Jericho – Matt 4: 1-17     
    • Jesus calls the first of the disciples by the Sea of Galilee and begins to teach – Matt 4: 18-21     
    • Matthew is still a tax collector in Capernaum at this point – Matt 8:9    
    • Matthew was beginning to learn the values of the kingdom from Jesus – Matt 5:1      
    • Matthew was impressed with the passion and message of Jesus – Matt 7: 28-29      

    Kingdom values and daily life

    1 Jesus tells a story and offers us a choice – Matt 7: 24-27     

    • Listen and follow
      • Wise builder – solid foundation that can hold the structure
      • Survive storms and continue to rely on
      • Listen but reject
        • Foolish builder – doesn’t look for stability
        • Life crashes in the storm – pieces scattered and difficult to gather

    2 Kingdom values

    a)      Do not judge – vrs 1-2

    • To assume the office of judge, place ourselves in the position to pronounce sentence

    b)      Give do care and attention to improving your own life – vrs 3-5      

    • Tendency is to focus on others – we tend to find it harder to work on our own areas

    c)       Do not throw spiritual truth away in place that refuse to change or respond to Jesus – vrs 6

    • ‘vicious scorn or hardened intent’ against Jesus – invest in more productive possibilities

    d)      Pray with passion – Ask, Seek, Knock – vrs 7-11

    • God gives us good things – even more generous than we would be to our kids

    e)      Golden Rule – treat others the way you would like to be treated – vrs 12     

    • Kindness and generosity

    f)       Pursue the ‘road less travelled’ and find life – vrs 13-14   

    • Not many people pursue godliness
    • Most people live for themselves – try to live without God, as if He doesn’t matter

    g)      The fruit of your life reflects your desire for Jesus – vrs 15-20     

    • You can’t live selfishly and expect different fruit

    h)      Jesus does not recognize fake fruit or people

    • An honest relationship is what Jesus will welcome

    3 Jesus challenges our beliefs and offers us new actions for daily life – vrs 28-29

    • Nobody taught like Jesus

    APPLICATION – come to Communion

    • As a wise builder celebrate our solid foundation in Jesus – we can build our lives in Him

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