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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

This is where you can find our Pastor's sermon notes, usually posted by Friday afternoon.
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  • Matt 5: 17-20, (17-48)        

    Jesus talks about the challenge of living like a follower. Our faith walk is to be more than just avoiding things. We need to address the motivation in our hearts. Jesus states that our daily life needs to reflect the kingdom not our selfish views. Our righteous actions matter.


    • Jesus is baptised by John the Baptist in the Jordan River (Judean Desert) – Matt 3: 13-17        
    • Jesus is tempted by Satan in the Judean Mountains above Jericho – Matt 4: 1-17     
    • Jesus calls the first of the disciples by the Sea of Galilee and begins to teach – Matt 4: 18-21     
    • Matthew is still a tax collector in Capernaum at this point – Matt 8:9    
    • Matthew was beginning to learn the values of the kingdom from Jesus – Matt 5:1      
    • Value of life – do not take life
    • Don’t deal with others in a contemptable way – in talking about or actions of disrespect

    1 How I think about others matters – vrs 21-26    

    • Not just avoiding taking a life
    • I am not judge those who squander and waste life
    • I need to guard against contempt and foolish dismissal of people

    2 What I look at and how I use my imagination matters – vrs 27-30     

    • Righteousness deals with more than avoiding adultery
    • I am to control my thoughts, imagination and make believe

    3 How I treat my spouse matters – vrs 31-32    

    • Honour marriage vows – treat spouse with respect
    • Deal with hurtful words or actions
    • Work at healthy habits, resist growing apart
    • Notice ‘marital unfaithfulness’ is more than adultery, includes abuses and contempt

    4 What I commit to matters – 33-37       

    • The value of our word is a bond or contract
    • Don’t neglect commitments or treat likely – if you say you will and then keep your word
    • ‘Simply let your ‘Yes be Yes’ and your ‘No be No’ – vrs 37 – Our credibility is at stake   

    5 My ‘get even’ attitude matters – vrs 38-42      

    • Revenge and score keeping does not reflect the kingdom of God
    • Be generous and forgiving – turn the other cheek

    6 How I treat those I don’t like matters – vrs 43-48     

    • Love those who don’t love you
    • Pray for those who are set against you
    • Set out to appreciate and befriend those who oppose you – Show them Jesus


    • Kingdom values confront my selfish actions
    • Kingdom values teach a godly direction
    • Kingdom values offer me a new response

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